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The DJ Mix Lite is a software that mixes music files
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DJ Mix Lite is an excellent software that counts the beats per minute and mixes music files.
DJ Mix Lite counts the beats per minute of every music file and adjusts to mix the music, the music mix is automatic and there are certain values that can be configured to make the mix without distortions and with a great quality in the mix.
The DJ Mix Lite GUI has no complications, is easy and friendly to use with a great graphic equalizer showing the beats of the music file.
DJ Mix Lite adjusts automatically the pitch to reach the beat of the song that you’re going to mix. If the beat’s song is faster than the secondary song, the pitch is increased to reach it, which makes the beat of both songs equal to the mix; and if the beat’s song is slower than the beat’s song to mix the pitch reduces the speed until it reaches the beat of the slower song to make the mix.
You can open files m3v, m3u, mp3, wav and ogg once you load the files on the DJ Mix Lite calculates the beats of every music file. Once you have all the beats per minute you can sort the list in ascending or descending BPM order to make the mixes with a great mix quality.
The DJ Mix Lite option window shows tabs that provide several options to improve the quality and performance of sound, songs and beatlocks. Also there is the Statistics option that provides information about the list or the song and its time and other useful information.
The properties option provides useful mixing information about the better options do the mix of the song and the beatlocks of the song.
The DJ Mix Lite installation is simple and fast. The documentation is available on the internet site and is also easy to understand.
The DJ Mix Lite requirements are: A PC with windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000 or XP. A soundcard. Processor Pentium 200 mhz or more; 32 Mb of RAM

Ricardo Zayola
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  • DJ Mix Lite is easy and friendly to use even if you don't have any experience mixing music
  • The song's mix is automatic
  • The Beat Per Minute count is a great feature to improve the mix


  • There is no chance to mix manually
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